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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 398: Optical Communications

This class provides for all types of communication systems in which optical signals are used to transmit modulated carrier wave information between points. Such communication includes transmitting an intelligence-bearing signal from one point to another in the form of variations in a characteristic of the light wave. The communication may be through free space, fibers or waveguides. These are used to transfer the information with an optical beam, and this beam can be used in various communication schemes to enable the most effective or desired method of moving the information, including optical multiplexing when plural information signals or plural transmitters and receivers are utilized.

Subclass 100: Subscriber system
Subclass 2: Bypass inoperative element
Subclass 3: In a ring or loop
Subclass 5: Spare channel or standby optical fiber
Subclass 69: With variable frequency channel assignment
Subclass 72: Bidirectional
Subclass 8: TDM
Subclass 98: Time division
Subclass 99: Multiple access (e.g., TDMA, CSMA)

Class 370: Multiplex Communications

This is the generic class for multiplexing or duplexing systems, methods, or apparatus.

Subclass 352: Combined circuit switching and packet switching
Subclass 389: Switching a message which includes an address header
Subclass 401: Bridge or gateway between networks
Subclass 442: Combining or distributing information via time channels using multiple access technique (e.g., TDMA)
Subclass 468: Assignment of variable bandwidth or time period for transmission or reception

Class 725: Interactive Video Distribution Systems

This class contains interactive video distribution processes, systems, and elements thereof, which are characterized by point-to-multipoint system configurations, and which are used for the unidirectional distribution or delivery of motion video data resulting from interactions between systems operators (access or service providers) or users (subscribers) and systems elements. These systems include dedicated communications systems, such as television distribution systems, which primarily distribute or deliver motion video data in the manner indicated, but which may, in addition, provide a framework for further, diverse data communications or services in either unidirectional or bidirectional form. Typically, system operators interface with transmitter-side elements or users interface with receiver-side elements in order to facilitate, through interaction with such elements, the dynamic control of data processing or data flow at various points in the systems. This interaction is typically occasional or intermittent in nature.

Subclass 106: Telephony via television distribution network
Subclass 125: Ingress noise
Subclass 127: Network component (e.g., filter, tap, splitter, amplifier, repeater, etc.)
Subclass 129: Hybrid fiber-coax network