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Telecomm Suite: MIMO, Wi-Fi Wireless, 4G, LTE, Backhaul and Mobile patents    

2 patent families for sale: MIMO, Wiereless, 4G, LTE, Backhaul and Mobile patents, including international counterparts


Long Term Evolution, and on Wi-Fi wireless networking.

- Determining the direction of arrival (DoA) of one or multiple radio or acoustic waves
- Network Communications Patents
- Wireless Wide Area Network and 3G/4G Systems
- Mobile Backhaul Networks
- 3G & 4G
- Cellphone patents
- Defense
- Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS or CDS) Patents & Technologies

• Estimating directions of arrival in low power or low sample size scenarios.
• Robustly transmitting the minimum power in multi-use and multi-antenna communication systems with imperfect channel knowledge.
• Measuring quality of networking nodes
• Power allocation in multi-antenna systems under partial channel knowledge
• Beamforming technique for broadband satellite communications
• Signal processing device and method for detecting and locating spectral shapes
• Channel allocation in wireless systems
• Joint demodulation and synchronization in ultra-wideband systems

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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 342: Communications: Directive Radio Wave Systems And Devices (E.G., Radar, Radio Navigation)

Systems and processes for transmission or reception of radio wave energy for obtaining or utilizing information (using radio wave transmitters or receivers), as to an object, or as to the directional characteristics of the radio wave energy, per se. his class includes radar systems wherein radio wave energy from a transmitter is reflected or otherwise returned from an object to a receiver which may be at the same location as the transmitter; includes subsystems, components, and related processes which are limited to use in connection with the above. This class is limited to electromagnetic radio frequency waves in the radiation field.

Subclass 417: Direction-finding receiver only

Class 455: Telecommunications

This is the generic class for modulated carrier wave communications not elsewhere classifiable.

Subclass 426.1: Including other radio communication system (e.g., cordless telephone, paging, trunking, etc.)
Subclass 509: Channel allocation
Subclass 522: Transmission power control technique
Subclass 67.11: Having measuring, testing, or monitoring of system or part
Subclass 68: With control signal
Subclass 69: Transmitter controlled by signal feedback from receiver

Class 370: Multiplex Communications

This is the generic class for multiplexing or duplexing systems, methods, or apparatus.

Subclass 328: Having a plurality of contiguous regions served by respective fixed stations
Subclass 329: Channel assignment
Subclass 330: Having both time and frequency assignment
Subclass 337: Multiple access (e.g., TDMA)
Subclass 345: Combining or distributing information via time channels