Technology for License:

Anti-depression and Anti Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)    

Banana peel is used help with depression and AMD


Banana peel was found rich precursors of serotonin and carotenoids, clinical trial shows significant anti-depression and protection on macular degeneration.

Technology specifications:
- Extraction, separation and manufacture
- Serotonin precursor extraction rate 0.08~0.6 %
- Carotenoids precursor extraction rate 0.02~0.1%
- Anti-depression effectiveness can reach 70%
- Anti-AMD effectiveness can reach 85%

Primary Application of the Technology

Functional Food, Medical Product

Competitive Advantage

Usage of agricultural waste and solution for depression and vision problems.

Additional Information

Seller is looking for non-exclusive licensing or cooperative development opportunities.

Technology is at pilot stage.