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System for controlling context-based wireless devices access to networks (802.11, 802.1X, 802.11i and WiMAX, etc.)


Technology aimed at allowing transfer of data only to/from authenticated users in a wireless device on a network. This is achieved by allocating Information on the identity of each user related to the context and/or user status-related information and assigning levels of permission to different services on the network that will only be served to an authenticaded user.

The technology improves traditional network access control methods based on identity-user profiles, e.g. user ID and password. The invention considers other variables mainly based on location-related information. As an example it considers the location of a user and permits access in accordance to the profile of an area. For instance, a user is allowed network access only in certain area corresponding to own company buildings or predetermined rooms . This technology is relevant not only in the field of indoor positioning but also GPS and any other service that increases security with contextual information. Moreover, having areas of increased security independent of the device will facilitate secure transactions, e.g. bank money transfers.

Primary Application of the Technology

Telecommunications and Wireless Industry Protection and security in wireless networks: WiMAX, WLAN, WAP, WPE, "802.11", "802.11i", "802.1X", RADIUS, etc.

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Additional Information

The scope of the claims is not limited to location data. This definition really encompasses a myriad of applications regarding network access control.

Context-Aware Services: These programs capture and integrate into business processes detailed contextual information about such things as location, temperature, availability, and applications used. Context-aware applications feature a wide range of location options that include real-time location, presence detection, chokepoint visibility, and telemetry. Support for enhanced received signal strength indication (RSSI) and time difference of arrival (TDoA) technology delivers greater scale accuracy and performance for a broad range of environments.

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 726: Information Security

This class provides, within a computer or digital data processing system, for processes or apparatus for increasing a system s extension of protection of system hardware, software, or data from maliciously caused destruction, unauthorized modification, or unauthorized disclosure. It provides for protection of data processing systems, apparatus, and methods as well as protection of information and services. Subject matter included in this class includes security policies, access control, monitoring, scanning data, countermeasures, usage control, and data protection from maliciously caused destruction, unauthorized modification, or unauthorized disclosure, and includes protection of hardware, and user protection, e.g., privacy, etc.

Subclass 5: Credential
Subclass 27: Access control

Class 709: Electrical Computers And Digital Processing Systems: Multicomputer Data Transferring

This class provides for an electrical computer or digital data processing system or corresponding data processing method including apparatus or steps for transferring data or instruction information between a plurality of computers wherein the computers employ the data or instructions before or after transferring and the employing affects said transfer of data or instruction information. The class includes - process or apparatus for transferring data among a plurality of spatially distributed (i.e., situated, at plural locations) computers or digital data processing systems via one or more communications media (e.g., computer networks).