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Trim Capping System - Does Not Use Visable Fasteners    

A two piece exterior capping system, made of aluminum or vinyl, for covering new or existing wooden fascia or rake boards.


A two piece trim capping system comprised of a top receiver piece and the aluminum or vinyl capping. The receiver is installed at the top edge of the wooden trim, and under the roofing shingles. The trim capping locks into the receiver at the top and hooks into the existing J-channel, or wood trim at the bottom which covers the fasteners so they are not visible. This system allows for contraction and expansion of the wood, vinyl or aluminum, eliminating warping,buckling and rippling of the capping material . A clean, fastener free smooth appearance is the end result.

Primary Application of the Technology

Weatherproofing and preservation of new or existing exterior wood trim.

Primary target markets: Roofing & Siding manufacturers, home improvement stores, roofing & siding supply houses.

Additional Information

Prototype available to interested buyers.

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