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Pillow Anti-Deformation Code    

Pillow deformation is only a history of pillow evolution in the future.


With the presence of this pad code, pillow deformation will only be a historical issue because pillow users can now be protected from pillow deformation caused aches and pains. It is an easy to use pillow rotation concept with an endless permutation of fourteen pillow segments and the result is, instead of one, there are fourteen pillow segments able to be changed at any designated days to eliminate the pillow deformation on the head-weight most frequently compressed areas.

Due to pillow deformation, when we sleep we always suffer from, besides the everlasting and annoying discomforts; injuries of our necks, backs, waists etc. Fortunately, pillow deformation can now be overcome this patented pillow technology; its fourteen segments are jointed to form a continuous track that rotates according to the sequence of a set of simple permutation PAD Code to evenly relay our head weights from time to time.

Primary Application of the Technology

Sleep products manufacturers

The Problem Solved by the Technology

- Pillow deformation
- Reduce over 90% of energy and resources used in manufacturing new and recycling old pillows

How the Technology Solves the Problem

An endless rotation method by special permutation of 14 pillow segments results in the head weights on the frequently compressed areas of traditional pillows evenly divided and absorbed by the fourteen pillow segments. Therefore the average head weights are reduced and evenly relayed; thus eliminating the possibilities of any premature pillow deformation.

Competitive Advantage

Innovative sleep technology
Environmental protection

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