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Combination Casino Game Patent    

Craps and roulette in a single playing table format primarily for casino table game and can be implemented in a variety of electronic formats including PC, Internet or in Casino Slot Style.


This patent combines two games in a unified playing format, craps and roulette. A compliment to the choices for gaming enjoyment and revenue. Casino table game.

Primary Application of the Technology

Casinos, Retail Sales, Internet Gaming

Competitive Advantage

Untapped gaming opportunity for fun with revenue potential.

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 273: Amusement Devices: Games

Apparatus or means, such as games and sports, by which contests of skill or chance may be engaged in among two or more participants, where the result of such contests can be indicated according to definite rules; apparatus or means, such as puzzles and fortune telling devices, by which a test of the skill or fortune of one or more persons, in accomplishing some sought result, may be obtained, chance devices being included, even if not of themselves games or elements of games, by reason of their similarity to other chance devices herein. Targets combined with devices for projecting aerial or surface projectiles or missiles against or through the targets, per se, and projectors, per se, only if the projectile passes at all times over a surface.

Subclass 138.1: CHANCE DEVICES
Subclass 142E: Ball indicator-pocketed disc
Subclass 142R: Rotating disk
Subclass 274: Betting or wagering board (e.g., casino)

Class D21: Games, Toys, And Sports Goods

Ornamental designs for: game or gambling article; toy; exercise equipment; sports equipment; amusement, playground, equipment or entertainment article not elsewhere specified; tent.