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Efficient Device for Eliminating Smoke    

The invention uses high‐frequency circuits and fly‐back transformers to generate high voltage electric field arc. This arc plasma impinges upon a smoke particle, and "zaps" it away.


The invention uses high‐frequency circuits and fly‐back transformers to generate high voltage electric field, and eventually electric arc within air. This arc plasma consists of energetic electrons and ions. When an energetic electron in it impinges upon a smoke particle, the latter is ionized into an electron and a positively charged heavy ion, which in turn is attracted and attached to the negative electrode, leading to the zapping of such a smoke particle. The invented device can be deployed in residential and commercial buildings for fire protection. Additionally, it can be made into portable form such that it can be unplugged from persistent charging state and carried over to wherever it is needed.

Main advantages:
- Usability: User‐friendly interface. Once switched on, the smoke zapper will start eliminating smoke instantly.
- Mobility: Smoke zapper is a portable device as big as a volleyball. Light and easy to carry. Also, it could be thrown into fire by rolling.
- Sustainability: Smoke zapper is not only fire‐proof but also crash‐proof. It is able to keep operating over 2 hours in fire.
- Pollution‐free: Smoke releases no pollutant while functioning. Moreover, it is made of eco‐friendly materials.
- Flexibility: Smoke zapper could be manufactured in different dimensions, and integrated into other fire‐fighting equipment.

Primary Application of the Technology

- Part of a fire alarm system that eliminates presence of smoke to allow time for escape for civilians, or as a portable system to enhance the firefighters' visibility when on the firefighting task;
- self‐contained household device for same purpose;
- may be portable or permanently installed for office building or public area.

Notes on Development Status

Proved technical concept with mock‐up samples available. More advanced powerful versions are currently in development.