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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 422: Chemical Apparatus And Process Disinfecting, Deodorizing, Preserving, Or Sterilizing

This is a generic class for (1) processes of disinfecting, deodorizing, preserving or sterilizing and (2) apparatus for (a) carrying out chemical reactions, (b) preparing or treating chemical compounds or compositions even though only a physical reaction is discernible, (c) performing an analysis which involves either a chemical reaction or a physical reaction not elsewhere provided, for and (d) carrying out the above processes not elsewhere provided for.

Subclass 121: With means exposing gas to electromagnetic wave energy or corpuscular radiation
Subclass 123: Including means adding material into environmental gas
Subclass 28: Using disinfecting or sterilizing substance
Subclass 42: By preventing evaporation

Class 250: Radiant Energy

This class provides for all methods and apparatus for using, generating, controlling or detecting radiant energy, combinations including such methods or apparatus, subcombinations of same and accessories therefore not classifiable elsewhere.

Subclass 455.11: Source and object encasement (e.g., sterilizers)

Class 96: Gas Separation: Apparatus

Apparatus used in separation of a gas from a fluid mixture comprising (i) a gas and solid or liquid particles entrained therein, (ii) a liquid and gas entrained therein, or (iii) a plurality of gases. As a general rule for this class, there must be a relationship of apparatus parts embracing: (a) an inlet for the fluid mixture to be treated, (b) a means effective to cause separation into constituent parts, and (c) an outlet for at least one constituent separate and distinct from an outlet for another constituent, which may be for removal of the separating media itself, or a single outlet used at different times to remove the separated constituents. The gas separation apparatus for this class does not include means in which the separation is caused by a chemical reaction.

Subclass 224: Germicidal lamp (e.g., ultraviolet light, etc.)