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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 180: Motor Vehicles

The propulsion of land vehicles by a motor carried on the vehicle and to the following subject matter, which may be considered as incidental to such propulsion: 1. The mounting of a motor on a land vehicle. 2. Transmission mechanism in connection with specific vehicle structure. 3. Power steering-gear for land vehicles. 4. Power means for raising a frame or body relative to a wheel or wheels. 5. Devices not of general application for utilizing the power of the power plant of a land vehicle to drive other machines. 6. Controlling devices in connection with land vehicle structure. 7. Gyroscopes in connection with land vehicle structure. 8. Safety devices involving a feature limited to use on motor vehicles. 9. Motor Vehicles provided with wheel substitutes.

Subclass 14.2: Motorized trailer
Subclass 305: Including traction motor of kind driven by noncompressible fluid received under pressure from a pump
Subclass 69.6: Vehicle has plural power plants
Subclass 444: Specific mechanical feature

Class 475: Planetary Gear Transmission Systems Or Components

This is the class for planetary gear power transmission and elements thereof, such transmission being defined as an assembly of parts including interacting first and second gears each having a central axis and wherein, during at least one mode of operation, the axis of one of the gears follows a path extending around the axis of the other gear.

Subclass 335: Toothed planet pinion has smooth bearing surface engaging raceway on sun or orbit gear
Subclass 4: And electric motor input