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Procedures for Language Text Generation    

Enhanced generation of text or characters in non-english languages


The technology provides a technique for generating text in non-English languages using Dynamic Language Menu Pads (DLMP). The technique displays a set of character menu items such as an HTML table cell, a button, and a graphic user interface component on a display screen. Selecting a character menu item generates a new set of characters associated with it (for example, a sub-set of the selected character menu item). The technique can be used without a keyboard and with a reduced dependency on multiple mouse clicks. This removes ambiguities and the requirement of large databases of foreign language words and their English translation mappings.

Primary Application of the Technology

Language translation and user interface software providers

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 715: Data Processing: Presentation Processing Of Document

This class provides for data processing means or steps wherein a) human perceptible elements of electronic information (i.e., text or graphics) are gathered, associated, created, formatted, edited, prepared, or otherwise processed in forming a unified collection of such information storable as a distinct entity, b) a users interaction with a computer system is used to control the presentation of display data; such interaction is interpreted and used by a data processor or computer architecture wherein system level elements of computation or data processing techniques are used prior to use with or in a specific display system, or c) a small program takes over a display screen if there are no keystrokes or mouse movements for a specified duration.

Subclass 703: Cultural based (including language, time, monetary units displayed)
Subclass 773: Virtual input device (e.g., virtual keyboard)
Subclass 810: Menu or selectable iconic array (e.g., palette)
Subclass 827: Mnemonic (e.g., accelerator key)
Subclass 843: Pull down

Class 345: Computer Graphics Processing And Selective Visual Display Systems

Processes and apparatus for selective electrical control of two or more light-generating or light-controlling display elements* in accordance with a received or stored image data signal. The image data includes character, graphical information or display attribute data. The image data may include, for example, information data from a peripheral input device, from the reception of a television signal, from the recognition of image data, or from the generation or creation of image data by a computer.