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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 442: Fabric (Woven, Knitted, Or Nonwoven Textile Or Cloth, Etc.)

This is the class for woven, knitted, nonwoven, or felt article claimed as a fabric, having structural integrity resulting from forced interassociation of fibers, filaments, or strands, the forced interassociation resulting from processes such as weaving, knitting, needling hydroentangling, chemical coating or impregnation, autogenous bonding (i.e., heat- and/or pressure-promoted welding or solvent bonding) or felting, but not articles such as paper, fiber-reinforced plastic matrix materials (FRP), or other fiber-reinforced materials wherein fibers are present only as a filler material.

Subclass 228: Including a free metal or alloy constituent
Subclass 229: Metal or metal-coated strand
Subclass 230: Vapor or sputter deposited metal layer
Subclass 231: Chemically deposited metal layer (e.g., chemical precipitation or electrochemical deposition or plating, etc.)
Subclass 238: Plural fabric layers

Class 205: Electrolysis: Processes, Compositions Used Therein, And Methods Of Preparing The Compositions

Processes (1) involving the use of electrolysis (2) of preparing or purifying compounds or elements involving chemical reaction brought about by electrical or wave energy in a magnetic field; (3) of treating materials involving chemical reaction brought about by wave energy; (4) of preparing or purifying compounds or elements involving chemical reaction brought about by an electrostatic field or electrical discharge; (5) involving the use of electrophoresis or electro-osmosis; (6) of treating a liquid (a) to separate or purify the liquid using electric and magnetic fields simultaneously, (b) to separate or purify the liquid using an electric field, or (c) using a magnetic field to obtain some effect other than mere separation or purification of the liquid; (7) involving coating, forming, or etching by the use of sputtering; and (8) involving coating by the use of vacuum arc discharge. Electrolyte compositions specialized for use in electrolytic processes or methods of preparing the compositions.

Subclass 114: Uniting two separate solid materials
Subclass 125: Product is circuit board or printed circuit

Class 427: Coating Processes

This is the generic class for: A. applying or obtaining a coating on a surface. The coating may be hard or soft, permanent or transitory, supplied solely by extraneous materials or supplied wholly or in part by the base material. B. impregnating a base by causing a coating material to extend or penetrate into the base material, or into the interstices of a porous, cellular or foraminous material. C. taking preparatory treatments of the base material, subsequent treatments of the coated base material and other ancillary noncoating operations claimed, per se, processes limited to etching for making a base more compatible with, or adherent to, the coating wherein the base is the substrate (work) onto which a coating is applied are included.

Subclass 437: Chemical compound reducing agent utilized (i.e., electroless deposition)

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