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Beverage Packaging and Container    

Spill free one time use pre-filled beverage package for use by e.g. drive-through restaurants, bars, institutions etc.


A unique and spill proof beverage container, it has triple leak protection, a reverse suction straw with no lid. It's "leak free" design eliminates concern over spilling beverages while driving on long trips, or any situation. This item is not limited to an age group, it is appealing to parents of small children, useful in hospitals for elderly people and patients with diminished use of their hands and arms. Plus it can be used in office environments where expensive equipment is used. This item can also be marketed as a safe beverage container in night clubs and bars as there is no access to the beverage the "date rape" drug could not get into the package; and being plastic it couldn't be used as a weapon.

There are many possibilities of this product. It is spill proof, leak free, disposable, and recyclable. This item is appropriate for every target market and demographic. The unique design will mainly save consumers time and money, as well as the frustration of cleaning up costly messes and spills that are unavoidable with current beverage packaging.

People are pressed for time - heading to work, school, appointments... this product would not only be ideal for people on the go, it is a necessity for those in a hurry, especially those who are traveling or have children. A suitable packaging for a variety of beverages, including juice, milk, and soda; perfect to buy from a convenience store, grocery store, drive through restaurant, sit down dining, and vending machine.

This is an exciting new beverage container item that can generate new revenues for beverage companies as a new packaging product.

Primary Application of the Technology

> Beverage industry

Competitive Advantage

- An innovative and convenient packaging for consumers with children.
- Helps reduce concerns of BPA found in reusable plastic bottles.
- No small pieces to lose.
- No hard areas to clean.

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Subclass 11.4: With valve for liquid

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