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USB Audio devices for mobile applications    

Multipurpose USB audio devices for mobile computing


Portfolio covering various aspects of connecting earphones to mobile devices through USB.

The seller would like to be granted a license back.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 439: Electrical Connectors

This is the generic class for a pair of mated conductors comprising at least two electrically conducting elements which are interconnected to permit relative motion of such conducting elements during use without a break in electrical conductivity therebetween. Also, this is the generic class for a device constituting an electricity conducting contact between conductors of electricity; wherein the joint is of a type which may be readily made and broken, repeatedly by attachment and detachment of contact supporting structure on each conductor.

Subclass 638: Two or more plural-contact coupling parts combined in one integral unit
Subclass 653: Combined with diverse type of coupling part
Subclass 660: Plural-contact coupling part comprises receptacle or plug
Subclass 668: Having only push-pull-engaging contacts spaced along longitudinal axis of engagement (e.g., jack-type receptacle or plug)
Subclass 669: Plug having cylindrical or annular contacts of substantially the same diameter (e.g., jack-type plug)

Class 381: Electrical Audio Signal Processing Systems And Devices

This class provides for: (a) wired one-way electrical transmission or processing systems for audio signals, (b) Stereophonic systems, which are not elsewhere classified, (c) instrument or process for converting an electrical audio information signal to or from humanly audible form.

Subclass 374: Particular support structure
Subclass 384: Electrical hardware feature

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