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Photocalytic Coating for the Controlled Release of Volatile Agents    

A layered nanostructered coating with functional characteristics that enables the controlled-release of volatile agents upon solar irradiation.


A heterostructured layered material that, by a combination of physical and chemical processes, results in a functional coating composed by a photocatalytic thin film, capable of dissociating and degrading polymer nano or microcapsules, enabling subsequently the controlled release of vapors (volatile agents).

The photocatalytic film can be deposited on any given surface (e.g. glass, metal, ceramic, plastic, stone, wood, textile, etc.). Subsequently the nano or microcapsules, previously loaded with a volatile agent, are deposited on this photocatalytic surface. When this material is exposed to solar radiation (or similar artificial light) it promotes the controlled release of volatile agents contained in the nano or microcapsules. The nano or microcapsules encapsulate a volatile agent that can be, for example, an insecticide, repellent, perfume or deodorant.

Its uniqueness is enabling a new mechanism of action for breaking and releasing micro or nanocapsules.
The main advantages in using a photocatalytic coating material capable of dissociating and degrading micro and nanocapsules containing volatile agents by solar exposure resides particularly in the:
- Optimization of the biological activity;
- Possibility of deposition this heterostructure in various types of surfaces (e.g. glass, plastic, ceramic, metal, stone, wood, textile, etc.);
- Replenishing of the volatile agent (insecticide, repellent, perfume, deodorant) by aerosol spraying;
- Reduce the costs with the regeneration of the volatile compounds.

Primary Application of the Technology

Primary applications could be found in functionalizing textile, metal or glass surfaces.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Photocalytic action for functionalizing different surfaces through the controlled release of volatile agents in micro and/or nanocapsules.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The functional coating to be applied on a chosen surface comprises a photocatalytic base layer, topped by a layer of polymeric nano or micro capsules, which are to be previously loaded with the chosen volatile agent (e.g. fragrance)

Competitive Advantage

This technology enables a new mode of action for the controlled release of micro and nanocapsules by degrading/dissociating the polymeric walls of the nano or microcapsules that are adsorbed on photocatalytic material surface.