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Vacuum Pump Filter    

This technology safeguards all types of vaccum pumps from contamination from dust, mist, and gaseous particles. Provides a unique kind of filter which operates on electrostatic precipitation principle


The technology safeguards all types of Vvaccum pumps from contamination from dust, mist, oily and gaseous particles by providing a unique kind of filter which operates on electrostatic precipitation principle. The technology also provides a low cost ultra high vacuum pressure electrostatic filter, which can filter effectively up to 0.3- micron size. This filter can eliminate chemical fume and solvent by 80%. The efficiency of 99.9% filtering of different foreign material can be achieved. The electrostatic filter can be used for all kinds of vacuum pumps up to ultra high vacuum pumps.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Following drawbacks can be easily overcome by use of the aforementioned technology.

• Cannot trap liquids/gaseous impurities.
• Can work well up to 10 Microns
• Chokes very often
• Consume more power up to 70%.
• Generates lot of effluent.
• Generates low vacuum by 40%

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The additional fixtures like flame proof panels and flame proof fixtures makes the filter effective for use in flame proof environment like:

Solvent recovery systems
Semi conductor(s) process systems in bulk drugs and pharma
Semi conductor(s) where fumes of explosive nature is produced

Primary Application of the Technology

Suitable for processes like:

- Vacuum Drying
- Vacuum Packaging
- Vacuum Solvent Distillation
- Vacuum Furnace
- Lamp Manufacturing
- Electronics Processing
- Glass Bottles Molding
- Vacuum Conveying
- Vacuum Fermentation
- Vacuum Handling
- Vacuum Filling
- Vacuum Impregnation

Competitive Advantage

Safeguards all types of vacuum pumps with 98% efficiency.

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

Available for licensing, marketing, funding; Buyer-side commission fee