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A Smart Syringe    

Single use safety syringe with spring actuated needle stick injury prevention and auto disable mechanism


The technology is a fourth generation safety engineered syringe.
-Incorporates both auto disable and needle stick injury prevention features.
-Auto deployment of these features thereby reducing operator dependency and ensuring compliance

This smart syringe has:
- Safety features integral to the design.
- Accepts any medication for injection.
- Applicable for any form of hypodermic injection such as IV, IM, SC and phlebotomy.
- Option for interchangeable needles and freedom of choice to user.
- Compatible with universally available needles and accessories.
- Requires minimum or no training at all to healthcare workers for use.
- Does not require active participation of the user in activating the safety feature.
- Permanently disabled after safety mechanism is activated.
- The hands and fingers to stay behind the needle when the safety mechanism is activated.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

- Cumbersome mechanisms and designs.
- Need for training.
- Sold in pre-filled syringe form.

Primary Application of the Technology

- Applicable for any form of hypodermic injection such as IV, IM, SC and phlebotomy.
- Use of this smart syringe is similar to the use of a conventional syringe.
- Using the syringe is a one handed operation.
- The design is adaptable to all sizes of syringes commonly used for injection purpose.

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

Available for licensing; Buyer-side commission fee
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