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Unique fast connector and plastic lined-metallic pipe for conveying liquid or gas.    

Plastic-lined metallic pipe and the connector have changed completely the traditional technology, in material, structure, installation method.


This new and ingenious plastic-lined metallic pipe has nontoxic inner lining that is food-grade polypropylene. It uses an outer layer of high strength, light-weight and corrosion resistant aluminum alloy. Using a unique processing method, these pipes are treated to bond firmly with metal without any flaws. The connector is fast-connecting technology, has a thread, a press-ring, fastening-ring, and silica-washer. Pipes can be connected without soldering. This simple method brings down costs, because skilled labor isn't necessary. The patented technology is more effective, stronger, and less costly then copper pipes. The market potential is extremely large. The pipe and connectors are quality products and have unique features:

1. The outer layer is made of an aluminum alloy that has mechanical strength, does not deteriorate, has corrosion and shock resistance.

2. The pipes inner layer is made of non-toxic polypropylene that is food-grade, does not scale, contaminate, is corrosion resistant and has a good fluid dynamics.

3. The fast connecting technology may be applied to all pipes that have outer layers with sufficient thickness and mechanical strength. There will be no leakage, ensuring efficiency while reducing pressure loss.

4. The fast connector uses silica washers and stainless steel lock locking nuts. During installation, uses a standard steel blade saw to cut the pipes - insert the connector and tighten the sealing nut with a wrench. The operation is simple and fast.

5. The connectors for the plastic-lined metallic pipe can be used with pipes currently being produced.

6. The products finish, a dull polish, gives it a bright, elegant, and fashionable exterior.

7. The plastic-lined metallic pipes make its debut, with the brand-new technology comparing with copper pipe materials. It can dominate the high-end market because of its superior to stainless steel and copper pipes. With the additional cost benefits of saving 30-35% lower.

8. The pipe and the connector can be offered directly to those in the piping industry.

9. An innovative piping technology that can generate a higher profit margin, with unlimited potential and possibly international market opportunities.

10. The design is simple, easy to manufacture, at a competitive price.

Primary Application of the Technology

Manufacturing, Construction , Plumbing

The Problem Solved by the Technology

The new pipe technology is non toxic, low degradation of material, corrosion and shock resistant. Soldering with skilled labor is not necessary.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The new technology connects joints and pipes quickly. No specialized tools are necessary. The use of standard metal cutting blades does not change, labor costs are lower. Savings up to 35% can be realized.

Competitive Advantage

The plastic lined metallic pipes and connectors have advantages over traditional pipe materials in several ways:

- Cost of materials is lower
- Degradation of the new pipes are minimal
- Installation costs are lower as skilled labor is not necessary
- Raw material for copper and steel are ever rising, traditional pipes will always cost more.

Additional Information

Samples are available for serious buyers.

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 285: Pipe Joints Or Couplings

Joints between two or more members, such members comprising fluid, wire or cable conducting pipes, tubes or tubular bodies with or without rod-like bodies in end-to-end or side-to-side relation or between such a member and a plate, wall, receptacle or other base.

Subclass 249: Wedge ring
Subclass 342: Pushed
Subclass 343: Compressed

Class 29: Metal Working

Metal working or shaping - it comprises processes, tools, machines, and apparatus not classifiable in the specific classes relating to the manufacture of articles from metal. It has been made the generic class for the following regardless of the composition of the blank, stock material, or article recited or worked upon: (a) process of electric condenser making; (b) a burnishing process; (c) a process of manufacture; (d) apparatus used to assemble or disassemble.

Subclass 447: By temperature differential (e.g., shrink fit)