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Fast Time-Scale Modification of Digital Signals    

A very fast and simple method for modifying the time-scale of an audio or other digital signal while preserving the principal frequencies.


Methods for performing this computationally intensive technique have been published and some patented. However, the innovation that led to this invention allows for a speedup in computation on the order of ten to twenty times faster than any other published or patented methods, without additional memory requirements, regardless of the medium of implementation (software, hardware, DSP, etc.). The process is generally performed in real-time, so this innovation encourages the use of less expensive hardware for the purpose.

Primary Application of the Technology

Digital audio, digital video, file compression, digital rights management, and digital watermarking

Competitive Advantage

It is much faster (in number of arithmetic operations) than competing methods, it is simple to implement in software or in hardware, and can be used in real-time or in pre-formatted playback applications.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 704: Data Processing:Speech Signal Processing, Linguistics, Language Translation, And Audio Compression/Decompression

This is the generic class for apparatus and corresponding methods for constructing, analyzing, and modifying units of human language by data processing, in which there is a significant change in the data.This class also provides for systems or methods that process speech signals for storage, transmission, recognition, or synthesis of speech; and for systems or methods for bandwidth compression or expansion of an audio signal, or for time compression or expansion of an audio signal. There are three main divisions: linguistics; speech signal processing; and audio compression.

Subclass 504: With content reduction encoding