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Fast roaming/handoff between different wireless domains    

In a mobile communications system such as an IP based multimedia mobile network, it is critical that continuity and quality of service be maintained when a mobile end user moves between coverage areas


The system and method provide a way for fast handing off between different wireless domains. It is generally recognized that connection latency between mobile devices cannot exceed 50 milliseconds. Current techniques for switching between one access point and another require hundreds of milliseconds. The invention could dramatically reduce the handing off time to only a couple milliseconds. The invention only needs to implement the technology in the mobile client without the need of taking care of diverse complicated backbone systems.

Primary Application of the Technology

The technology is to be used in real-time applications such as VoIP, video over IP, teleconferencing, media streaming, and instant messaging in mobile environments that include 3G, WiFi, WiMAX and any future Internet Protocol (IP) based topologies.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

1. To deal with different vendors' back bone networking environments.
2. Unacceptable latency in real-time applications in mobile environment.

Competitive Advantage

1. Agnostic to backbone network systems.
2. Faster, almost real-time handing off.
3. Simpler, only mobile clients need to implement the technology

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Class 370: Multiplex Communications

This is the generic class for multiplexing or duplexing systems, methods, or apparatus.

Subclass 317: Including noise compensation
Subclass 318: Including power control
Subclass 328: Having a plurality of contiguous regions served by respective fixed stations
Subclass 331: Hand-off control
Subclass 342: Combining or distributing information via code word channels using multiple access techniques (e.g., CDMA)

Class 455: Telecommunications

This is the generic class for modulated carrier wave communications not elsewhere classifiable.

Subclass 522: Transmission power control technique
Subclass 67.11: Having measuring, testing, or monitoring of system or part