Technology for License:

Complete Software for Blood Pressure Monitor    

High performance software meets and exceed best in class for BPM and detection of anomalies, fully FDA approved.


Developed for very low cost Home and Surgery BPM products, manufacturing cost <$9 in volume. Performance better than world leader (OMRON) for similar products. Full IP owned and available for licensing or sale. Hardware design also available if needed , or software can be incorporated into existing products. Customization available at low cost if needed. Several other embedded medical software solutions available.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Using low cost MEMS devices we can automatically calibrate and filter noise to significantly improve performance while running on low cost microprocessors. Any arrhythmia or irregularities in the blood pulse are detected and communicated to the patient.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Focus on low cost technologies, MEMS, Microprocessors, Displays while exceeding best in class performance.

Primary Application of the Technology

Consumer products , medical practices, hospitals, point of care

Competitive Advantage

Fully owned IP, independently developed, customizable code, targeted at low cost microprocessors and displays, exceed best in class performance for accuracy in trials, FDA products approved.

Notes on Development Status

Customization available at low cost.

Notes on Sales Status

Available to license worldwide in any application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sources fully available, or we can productize for you under a service contract.