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Urine Sample Collection Cups Designed for Women    

The present invention relates to a urine sample collector, which is designed to be woman/obese-patient friendly.


Having a shape of a flower lily, this urine sample collector prevents spills by properly receiving the generally irregular urine flow emitted from a female body. In particular, a pregnant woman or an obese patient would greatly appreciate this new shape because it is difficult to receive her urine using a conventional cup due to her bulging tummy blocking the view.

Primary Application of the Technology

medical supplies for clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

Competitive Advantage

The present invention has resulted in two US design patents, one with a handle and the other without a handle. They both are designed to collect urine samples without soiling hands, thighs, clothes, etc. The present urine sample collector can be manufactured by using paper, plastic, styrofoam, or any other low-cost material, and it is easy to stack and store multiple of them. Manufacturability by use of PET has already been proven.

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Class D24: Medical And Laboratory Equipment

Ornamental designs for: pharmaceutical product; prophylactic article; equipment for diagnosis, analysis or treatment; laboratory equipment not elsewhere specified.