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Camera with LED flash    

New technology for using LED for built in camera flash


This new technology dramatically improves picture quality when using flash, for example by improving lighting and eliminating shadows. Innovation is particularly well suited to digital cameras like DSLR's

The seller would like to be granted a license back.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 396: Photography

Photographic apparatus, generally for recording a picture made by a source of light on a photographic medium. It includes fluid-treating apparatus for development of film, a removable film-holder unit, hood, camera housing, camera setting indicator and certain accessories related to photography not otherwise provided for such as studio structure, camera mounting or rest, camera attachment, retouching, or burnishing device. Non-chemical processes involving photographic apparatus are included in this class.

Subclass 174: Bounce type
Subclass 175: Variable illumination angle
Subclass 182: Multiple illumination units for single exposure

Class 348: Television

Generating, processing, transmitting or transiently displaying a sequence of images, either locally or remotely, in which the local light variations composing the images may change with time.

Subclass 369: Changing viewing angle via optics

Class 362: Illumination

Means and processes for casting visible radiant energy in at least one direction to render objects in that direction visible.

Subclass 11: Plural light sources or light source supports
Subclass 287: Angularly adjustable or repositionable