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Organic Acid Catalyst    

A polymer supported arylbis methane


The technology provides a high catalytic activity to organic reactions using a variety of acid catalysts. The recovery rate of the catalyst is high, the catalyst is easy to recycle, it is extremely versatile. The catalyst is an organic acid, it doesn't contain metal, it is excellent from the point of toxicity, environment etc.

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 525: Synthetic Resins Or Natural Rubbers -- Part Of The Class 520 Series  

Part of the Class 520 Series - some general types of subject matter include: Solid synthetic resins, per se, regardless of utility; processes of preparing a synthetic resin involving a chemical reaction; reactable compositions which form a product; processes of purifying a solid synthetic resin or composition containing a synthetic resin by a chemical or physical process; process of reclaiming or recovering a solid synthetic resin; processes of treating a synthetic resin or specified intermediate condensation product with a reactant, or product thereof; blends of solid synthetic resins, processes of preparing or treating such blends; chemically reacted solid synthetic resins or processes of preparing; potentially reactable compositions which contain a solid synthetic resin or SICP and products of such a reaction, or processes of preparing; room vulcanizable potentially reactive compositions which merely require moisture and which are usually activated by heat and/or pressure to form a product; compositions of a nonreactant material and a solid synthetic resin or SICP; compositions containing a structurally defined material which is dispersed in a matrix which is not identified by overall dimension or some structure or processes of preparing; single-layered products containing a solid synthetic resin or composition thereof reciting no structure or dimension, or a fiber, filament, etc., which is no more than the material from which it is made, nonstructured single-layered web or sheet is encompassed; particles or a powder, per se, of a solid synthetic resin or composition thereof for which particles or powder no dimensions are recited; reactable compositions which form a product proper for this class and contain a photoinitiator or photosensitizer which are activated by wave energy or processes of preparing.

Subclass 333.3: Polymer derived from aromatic hydrocarbon monomer, e.g., styrene, etc.
Subclass 333.4: Halogenated polymer
Subclass 333.5: Sulfur containing chemical treating agent
Subclass 343: Chemical treating agent contains a sulfur atom
Subclass 353: Sulfur compound contains sulfur atom bonded to at least two oxygen atoms, e.g., sulfonate, etc.

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