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LCD Television    

Applicable for a liquid crystal display television fulfilling both wide viewing angle display and high transmittance in TN mode.


The technology provides an LCD device that can be manufactured easily, suitable for LCD television fulfilling both high pixel transmittance and wide viewing angle display.

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 349: Liquid Crystal Cells, Elements And Systems

Cells, elements, and systems which include molecules of a material having both liquid and crystalline properties. Included in this class are those which have a significant liquid crystal cell detail or liquid crystal response or properties, and in which the liquid crystal controls or changes the optical properties of electromagnetic radiation such as direction, phase, amplitude, frequency, or polarization state. This class also provides for nominal manufacturing methods for producing significant liquid crystal cell structure.

Subclass 129: With plural alignments on the same substrate
Subclass 130: For perpendicular alignment
Subclass 143: Matrix electrodes
Subclass 170: Utilizing reversal in sign of dielectric anisotropy
Subclass 177: Within nematic phase

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DEVICES OR ARRANGEMENTS, THE OPTICAL OPERATION OF WHICH IS MODIFIED BY CHANGING THE OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF THE MEDIUM OF THE DEVICES OR ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE CONTROL OF THE INTENSITY, COLOUR, PHASE, POLARISATION OR DIRECTION OF LIGHT, e.g. SWITCHING, GATING. Devices or arrangements for the control of the intensity, colour, phase, polarisation or direction of light arriving from an independent light source, e.g. switching, gating, or modulating; Non-linear optics .