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Gas Cushion for Transportation of Glass and other Fragile Thin Flat Panels    

Fragile glass sheets and other substrates moved without abrasion or damaging contact with rollers.


When TV display panels and other flat substrates are transported within the manufacturing environment, damage can occur when the panel is supported by rollers and sags. The invention provides for the panel to be transported on a bed of gas, without the need for rollers.

Competitive Advantage

A gas supply provides a gas cushion in the rear of a flat substrate, the flat substrate is running with an edge on a drive belt or roller system without contact to the gas supply. Because gas cushion transport systems are already known, the claims are directed to the changes of gas pressure in lock chambers resulting from evacuating or venting the lock chamber.

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Class 118: Coating Apparatus

pparatus for applying or obtaining a surface coating on a base and/or apparatus for impregnating base materials and takes all such apparatus not provided for in other classes. The coating obtained may be permanent or transitory. The coating may be supplied solely by extraneous materials, as in a painting or waxing operation, or may be supplied wholly or in part by the base materials as in the formation of an oxide coating on a metal base. The coating may consist of an emulsion, dispersion, solution, admixture or oil which is clearly disclosed as leaving a residual film, layer or continuous deposit on the base.

Subclass 728: Work support
Subclass 729: Moving work support

Class 156: Adhesive Bonding And Miscellaneous Chemical Manufacture

This is the generic class for: Manufacturing processes and apparatus; manufacture of articles of commerce in which one of the manufacturing steps includes a chemical reaction; manufacture of panels from settable inorganic compositions; manufacture of electrical conductors of indefinite length.

Subclass 345.22: With plural etching zones for a single discrete workpiece in apparatus
Subclass 345.31: With means for passing discrete workpiece through plural chambers (e.g., loadlock)
Subclass 345.51: With workpiece support
Subclass 345.54: With means to move the workpiece inside the etching chamber

Class 204: Chemistry: Electrical And Wave Energy

This class includes, where not provided for elsewhere: A. Processes (1) involving the use of electrolysis (as provided for in Class 205); (2) of preparing or purifying compounds or elements involving chemical reaction brought about by electrical or wave energy in a magnetic field; (3) of treating materials involving chemical reaction brought about by wave energy; (4) of preparing or purifying compounds or elements involving chemical reaction brought about by an electrostatic field or electrical discharge; (5) involving the use of electrophoresis or electro-osmosis; (6) of treating a liquid (a) to separate or purify the liquid using electric and magnetic fields simultaneously, (b) to separate or purify the liquid using an electric field, or (c) using a magnetic field to obtain some effect other than mere separation or purification of the liquid; (7) involving coating, forming, or etching by the use of sputtering; and (8) involving coating by the use of vacuum arc discharge.

Subclass 298.23: Moving workpiece or target
Subclass 298.25: Multi-chamber (e.g., including air lock, load/unload chamber, etc.)

Class 414: Material Or Article Handling

Apparatus, device, implement or method for placing or displacing particular articles in a particular manner or with reference to a particular support, for loading or unloading vehicles with materials or objects in general, charging or discharging furnaces, bins, chambers, or other receptacles, stacking or piling articles or materials, also combinations of general types of carriers or forwarding mechanisms, which types, per se, are separately classified elsewhere, and general types of elevators, cranes, or hoists when associated with special means for handling the load to place it on the carrier or remove it therefrom.

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