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MR Fluid Technology    

Magnetorheological fluid where magnetic particles coated with a hydrophilic surfactant are dissolved in a water in oil emulsion


The technology enhances magnetorheological fluid in terms of stability using the interaction between surfactant of the magnetic particle surface and the water molecule, enabling practical applications in the development of various devices utilizing smart fluid.

Primary Application of the Technology

Fluid mechanics
Control-based applications

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Class 252: Compositions

(A) Compositions of matter, having or not having structure, physical form or heterogeneous arrangement of components and for which there is no provision elsewhere. (B) Packages of such compositions, or other articles which include such compositions for which there is no provision elsewhere. (C) Processes of making, or peculiar to making, such compositions and for which there is no provision elsewhere. (D) Apparatus for use in or peculiar to such processes and for which there is no provision elsewhere.

Subclass 62.52: Flaw detection or magnetic clutch

Class 516: Colloid Systems And Wetting Agents; Subcombinations Thereof; Processes Of Making, Stabilizing, Breaking, Or Inhibiting

Subject matter provided for in this class: colloid systems (also called colloid dispersions or colloid suspensions) of the following six systems (dispersed phase/continuous phase): solid/liquid; solid/gas; liquid+/solid; liquid/liquid; liquid/gas; gas/liquid (+liquid in gels may be dispersed or continuous in the continuous solid phase); wetting agents (compositions for wetting surfaces, including spreading, penetrating, or leveling); subcombination compositions of colloid systems or wetting agents containing at least an agent specialized and designed for or peculiar to use in making or stabilizing colloid systems or in wetting agents, which includes: (a) compositions fully compounded for and intended to be made into a colloid system, such as an assemblage of compounds merely requiring non-material input (such as agitation) to effect a colloid system; (b) compositions consisting of a potential dispersand* combined with a colloid system making or stabilizing agent; (c) compositions consisting of a mixture of colloid system making or stabilizing agents, or, of one such agent* and an adjuvant*, or, of a mixture of adjuvants, in each instance the composition lacking both the material to be dispersed and the material in which it is to be dispersed, including thickening, suspending, stabilizing agents, or protective colloid compositions.

Subclass 22: Three or more phases (e.g., w/o emulsion also containing solid particle suspension)