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Printed Circuit Membrane with Acupuncture & Massage Functions    

Applicable for beauty and healthcare, such as relieving insomnia, depression and anxiety.


A printed circuit is printed on a flexible textile membrane which conforms to human body’s curve. Electrodes corresponding to body’s specific points, such as the acupuncture points, are printed on the membrane. When the membrane is moistened and adhere to the body, the electrical pulses generated by the attached micro-current generator stimulate the corresponding points. Since the circuits are all insulated except the electrodes, only specific points, such as acupoints, are stimulated. It is effective and comfortable for beauty and health care treatments.
The facial membrane mask is especially good for relieving insomnia, depression and anxiety。
This platform technology is applicable to any part of our body. A combination of different medicines, micro-currents and stimulation points will create many novel products.

Primary Application of the Technology

1. We have developed a membrane facial mask with acupuncture functions. It is excellent for depression, anxiety and insomnia.
2. It is a novel tool for transdermal drug delivery.
3. Skin care is another big area of application.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

This technology (1) provides convenience, (2) increases efficacy and (3) expand the applications of micro-current treatment in skin care and health care. Further explain as follows:
1. It enables the stimulation on multiple specific points without multiple wires.
2. It helps people to locate acupuncture points. Even people without meridian knowledge can enjoy the magic power of acupuncture.
3. It greatly increases the efficacy and applications of micro-current therapy.
4. Conventional printed circuit technology is applicable only for printing on the surface of plastic or metal materials. Our technology can print on soft textile material. Textile material is more comfortable for skin contact. It can adsorb liquid form of medicines and cosmetics.
5. The circuit design based on meridian channel theory makes this system excellent for transdermal drug delivery.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

1. The circuits and electrodes are designed. Only couple connection points are required for wire connection. Therefore, only couple wires are required for multiple point-stimulation.
2. Acupuncture has been developed ever since 2500 years ago. It is one of the major techniques for health care up today in Asian community. WHO recommends more than 40 conditions appropriate for acupuncture treatment. Most of these conditions are knotty for conventional medicine. Microcurrent stimulation on acupoints certainly can result in a better performance than randomly blind spot stimulation.
3. Meridian channels have a property of better conductance and better adsorption. Isotope tracing shows that they actually have a targeting delivery effects to the position of illness.

Additional Information

Mass production technology has been developed. The technology is ready for mass production. Prototype available for review by serious buyer.

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