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Food Preservation Technology Utilizing High Pressure Processing    

Manufacturing process that uses high pressure processing ("HPP") to reduce spoilage in foods containing dairy cultures, resulting in increased shelf life and enabling probiotic beverages.


HPP uses a custom hyperbaric machine to expose foods to pressures 5 times greater than that in the Marianas Trench. HPP uses low energy input compared to thermal processes for preserving food, with the result that the foods have uncompromised colors, flavor, vitamins and nutritional characteristics.
HPP selectively destroys the undesirable organisms that cause foods to "spoil", while retaining desirable organisms such as yogurt cultures or probiotics.
- Yeasts and molds are killed
- Typical "fast acting" lactic acid bacteria that cause post acidification and syneresis are killed/ attenuated
- Selected slow post acidification lactic acid bacteria survive
- Selected probiotic organisms survive

Primary Application of the Technology

Suppliers of yogurts and other cultured products who wish to extend the shelf life of their products and suppliers of juices who wish to incorporate probiotics into their products.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

1. Extending the shelf life of cultured foods (e.g. yogurts, dairy desserts, cottage cheese, cream cheese):
- HPP will double the shelf life of real yogurt to three (3) months
- Replace heat treatment and retain live cultures
- Reduce spoilage and returns
- Centralize production facilities
- Extend supply chain to exploit new market opportunities
2. Enabling new inclusions in cultured foods (e.g. cereals and fruit chunks in yogurt)
3. Enabling new formats for probiotic beverages - create probiotic beverages that are not fermented (e.g. probiotic juices, low pH probiotic sports beverages, direct acidified probiotic drinks)

Frequently Asked Questions

The technology is fully developed, and the seller has produced yogurt with a shelf life of 3 months in its pilot plant.
Seller has an agreement in place with a manufacturer of high pressure processing equipment, whereby such manufacturer has agreed to supply HPP equipment to anyone using the patent rights.

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