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Eye-wear Customization System for Eye-wear with Multi-Compartments    

Eye wear that can be customized according to the consumer taste, style and design.


A new way for eye wear consumers to customize one pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses in a large number of ways.This is done by the mechanism built into the temple arms of the eye wear. The mechanism is a compartment that houses a replaceable insert .This replaceable insert is the means by which the eye wear is made to look different because any design or pattern can be placed on this insert. It is a new and fun way for consumers to get more from their purchase of a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses.

Primary Application of the Technology

Target market - young adult fashion.

Patent Summary

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Class 351: Optics: Eye Examining, Vision Testing And Correcting

Optometry - includes eye examining and vision testing instruments. These instruments must include some optical structure or they must operate in conjunction with the optical or vision path of the eye. Included also are these instruments combined with eye exercising and/or training devices; certain accessories such as test charts and/or targets which may involve projection, illuminators and supports which are peculiar to these instruments. Plus methods of operating or using these instruments. Also included are spectacles and eyeglasses, which may include the frames or mountings, with fitted opthalmic lenses, spectacles combined with holders for microphotographs, telescopes or face protecting masks, antiglare or light absorption, rear view reflectors, decorations moisture prevention or absorption, and supports or holders, temples, bridges, connectors, lens linings or rims, and nose pads or cushions, perfecting features in lenses such as with light filtering or with protecting layers. Lastly, methods of making the spectacles and eyeglasses, the opthalmic lenses, and lens repair devices.

Subclass 51: With decoration or ornamentation
Subclass 52: Detachably secured