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Motorcycle Hydraulic Parking Brake    

Easily installs on the motorcycle master cylinder with no modification of existing equipment. With a flip of the lever the brake is locked.


A simple yet effective means of locking the front or rear brake of a motorcycle when parking. The device keeps a motorcycle from rolling back when parked on a hill or slight incline. It helps steady the motorcycle when restarting the motorcycle on a hill or incline. When transporting a motorcycle it keeps it from rolling foward or back and inturn keeps the tie down straps tight.

Primary Application of the Technology

Motorcycle dealers, manufacturers, custom motorcycle parts dealers, custom motorcycle parts manufacturers.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

When a motorcycle is parked on a slight hill or incline there is no way to stop the motorcycle from rolling back.
The motorcycle transmission is used to keep the motorcycle from rolling back (by keeping the transmission in gear). This creates a problem when restarting the motorcycle. The rider must either hold the front brake on by hand or the rear brake on by the foot brake, and also hold the clutch in by hand or shift the transmission into neutral. This creates an uncomfortable and unstable situation for the rider, as they are doing a sort of balancing act to keep the motorcycle from rolling back. My device locks the front brake keeping the motorcycle stable while starting and warming it up. The device can also be used when stopped at a traffic light on a hill, the rider simply applys the brake as normal and then flips the lever on the device to lock the brake. The rider can now have both feet on the ground, and his hands free to make comfort and safety adjustments while waiting to proceed.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

This is a superior solution because it is a simple installation, and it is easily accessed by the rider.

Competitive Advantage

There is a need for a motorcycle parking brake. There are no motorcycle parking brakes manufactured that are
easily installed to the existing motorcycle without any modifications of the braking equipment. The device attaches directly to the existing motorcycle master cylinder. There are no solenoids (wireing), or reconfiguring of the brake line needed. The sale of the patent will include detailed manufacturing design drawings which will enable the buyer to manufacture this device.

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Class 303: Fluid-Pressure And Analogous Brake Systems

The distribution of fluid to brake motors, i.e., the utilization of fluid-pressure in the operation of brakes.

Subclass 9.64: Motorcycle
Subclass 137: Motorcycle
Subclass 89: LOCKS

Class 188: Brakes

Retarding the motion of or stopping machines, including vehicles, both rail and road, and shafts, wheels, pulleys, or other moving mechanisms, by friction, by positive engagement of elements, or by the internal resistance of a fluid or a field of force.

Subclass 24.22: Specific actuator element structure