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Total Spine Support System for Chairs and Portable Back Supports    

This total back support system engages and supports multiple regions of the spinal column of a person seated in a chair to relieve back pain and can be easily integrated into various types of seating.


This inventive back support system provides different levels of support in response to user input and can be segmented into multiple sections for individually-controllable targeted support. The back support system delivers targeted, adjustable back relief. The support system is compatible with both padded-back and mesh-back chairs, as well as portable back supports.

Primary Application of the Technology

Integrated into office chairs and other types of seating such as automobile, bus, airplane and train seats.
Integrated into home and office furniture such as couches, recliners, sofas, sectionals, etc.
Integrated into portable back supports.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

How to provide total spine support for people seated in chairs or other seating that can be adjusted as desired by the user.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Our total back support system for padded-back chairs and portable back supports includes a generally vertically extending elongated spine support member embedded in a recess formed in the padded back of the chair or portable back support. The elongated spine support member includes a backing layer attached to the back, a foam layer and an air chamber interposed between the backing layer and the foam layer. One part of the spine support member is positioned below the surface of the padding and the remainder of the spine support member extends outward beyond the surface of the padding toward the seat so that the spine support member safely and comfortably engages the spine before the rest of the chair back. The spine support member is shaped to engage and support at least the thoracic and lumbar regions of the vertebral column of a person seated in the chair.

Our back support system for mesh-back chairs includes the spine support member attached to the back of the chair with the spine support member positioned against the exposed back side of the mesh material of the chair back. The mesh material forms the portion of the chair back against which a person’s back rests when seated in the chair. The spine support member has an elongated shape with a major axis intersecting the upper and lower sides of the frame of the chair back. The elongated spine support member can include a foam layer, a backing layer and an air chamber. The foam layer is positioned closer to the exposed back side of the mesh material than the backing layer and the air chamber. The spine support member can be attached to the frame of the chair back with support arms. A guide can also be attached to the chair back for imparting a curvature on the spine support member so that a person seated in the chair can adjust the amount of support directed to a particular region of the spine.

Competitive Advantage

Back pain is relieved in a targeted and adjustable manner with our back support system. People with lower back pain can direct greater support to the lumbar region of the spine while those with mid and upper-back pain can increase the level of support applied to the thoracic region of the spine.

Our back support system can be optimally adapted for padded-back and mesh-back office chairs, automobile seats, furniture, etc. and portable back supports.

Our combination air bladder and memory foam system allows the user to adjust the amount of support provided to different regions of the spine as desired. Separate air bladder chambers can be used to provide targeted support of particular regions of the spine. This way, the user can direct more or less support to a particular region of the spine to relieve pain in a particular part of his or her back. The pain experienced by the person may change while seated in the chair. Our back support system enables the person to shift support from one region of the spine to another as desired.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Has a prototype been developed?

We have developed and tested several prototypes, including one device individually-controllable air bladder chambers that was successfully tested and used with several different types of office chairs and automobile seating.

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 297: Chairs And Seats

Devices for supporting the weight of a person in a seated position including chairs, seats, and ancillary devices

Subclass 230.13: Back and supplemental back together form occupant back-engaging surface
Subclass 230.14: Including a means to adjust supplemental back relative to a seat back
Subclass 284.2: Having adjustment means for seat surface tension
Subclass 284.5: Portable with seat attacher
Subclass 284.6: Having a fluent material within flexible container
Subclass 452.41: Having fluent material