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M-Commerce Technology Opportunity    

Secure, encrypted mobile transaction software.


A mobile payment engine, accepts credit card, debit card, bank account, cash card (aka stored value card); or user can transfer money to an m-Wallet and use it for purchases/payments. The technology works with any third party payment gateway. Has built-in fraud detection and prevention providing secure, encrypted transactions.

How does the transaction flow?

1. User downloads mobile application on to their cell phone.
2. User registers a payment instruments of their choice with the application – debit, credit , or cash cards; and they can set up a pre-paid mobile wallet if they prefer.
3. When user makes a purchase they select one or more payment methods from their account, the software authenticates and authorizes through payment gateway
4. Upon payment approval the purchase is authorized and the software application does EOD settlement with the business/vendor.

Primary Application of the Technology

Mobile commerce

Competitive Advantage

Competitive world-class product solution with huge available market opportunity. Has strong experienced management team.