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Telecommunication Patent Portfolio    

US issued patents and several foreign patents in the field of antenna, mobile multimedia, navigation, radiation and security technology


The portfolio of telecom patents relates to antenna, mobile multimedia, navigation, radiation and security technology.

- Antenna technology relates to relay antenna masts for cellular radio telecommunications systems.

- Mobile Multimedia technology relates to a system for downloading multimedia content via a mobile telephony network.

- Navigation technology relates to a device for providing the driver of a vehicle with assistance by using a mobile telephone network.

- Radiation technology relates to measurements of ambient electromagnetic radiation - radiation generated by the beacon pathways of base stations (BTS) of cellular telephony networks.

- Security technology relates to to the input of a personal information unit that is secret for the referenced user and comparison with the content of a secret memory for the authorization of access to a service or a functionality.

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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 343: Communications: Radio Wave Antennas

Antennas for the transmission of radio wave energy through the natural media - air, earth, water, etc. for point-to-point communication or for the reception of such transmitted radio wave energy. Aparatus and systems which constitute part of an antenna transmission or reception.

Subclass 880: Adjustable or collapsible support
Subclass 890: Antenna on post, standard or tower
Subclass 892: Antenna on bracket

Class 701: Data Processing:Vehicles, Navigation, And Relative Location

This class provides for electrical computers, digital data processing systems, and data processing processes for transferring data between computers or processes wherein the computers or processes employ the data before or after transferring and the employing affects the transfer of data therebetween. This class is for electricalapparatus and corresponding methods for performing data processing operations in which there is a significant change in the data or for performing calculation operations wherein the electrical data processing system or calculating computer functions to indicate a condition of a vehicle, to regulate the movement of a vehicle, to monitor the operation of a vehicle, or to solve a diagnostic problem with the vehicle. It also provides electrical apparatus and corresponding methods wherein the electrical data processing system or calculating computer function to determine the course, position, or distance traveled. It further provides electrical apparatus and corresponding methods wherein the electrical data processing system or calculating computer functions to determine the relative location of an object (e.g., person or vehicle) and may include communication of the determined relative location to a remote location. In this class there are three main divisions: 1. vehicle control, guidance, operation or indication; 2. navigation; 3. relative location

Subclass 200: NAVIGATION
Subclass 211: Having audio or visual route guidance

Class 340: Communications: Electrical

Communications - the handling of information or intelligence, restricted to the conveying of said information or intelligence between geographically spaced points. Information or intelligence is defined as being, matter which is handled by signaling systems or signaling devices (such as telegraph systems) or by that portion of nonsignaling systems or nonsignaling devices (such as power supply systems) which is designated in the arts as having a control function (such as the supervisory circuits which control the circuit breakers of an electric power network). Handling, as used above, is defined as being the active coaction between the tangible communication system or device and the intangible information or intelligence, and such coaction may assume various forms, such as transmission, storage, exhibiting, etc.

Subclass 539.16: Including central station detail
Subclass 5.27: Rule based input

Class 704: Data Processing:Speech Signal Processing, Linguistics, Language Translation, And Audio Compression/Decompression

This is the generic class for apparatus and corresponding methods for constructing, analyzing, and modifying units of human language by data processing, in which there is a significant change in the data.This class also provides for systems or methods that process speech signals for storage, transmission, recognition, or synthesis of speech; and for systems or methods for bandwidth compression or expansion of an audio signal, or for time compression or expansion of an audio signal. There are three main divisions: linguistics; speech signal processing; and audio compression.

Subclass 275: Speech controlled system

Class 455: Telecommunications

This is the generic class for modulated carrier wave communications not elsewhere classifiable.

Subclass 414.1: Special service
Subclass 424: System equipment
Subclass 563: Having voice recognition or synthesization

Class 375: Pulse Or Digital Communications

This is the generic class for pulse or digital communication systems using electrical or electromagnetic signals. Such communication includes transmitting an intelligence bearing signal from one point to another in the form of discrete variations in some parameter of the electrical or electromagnetic signal.

Subclass 346: Interference or noise reduction
Subclass 347: Diversity (frequency or time)

Class 713: Electrical Computers And Digital Processing Systems: Support

Subclass 184: PIN/password generator device