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Personal Digital Assistant Printer    

Telephone Message and Retrieval System


Unique OAO device able to telephone, print photos, music, voice and written text, eliminating text messaging by writing on the palm so handwriting autocoverts to typing...what you write is typed to your recipient if needed.
Allows signature verification receipts on the spot, coupon printing in the store. Prints geographical maps in an emergency setting, e.g., Katrina, Haiti,etc. Prints military maps and troop positions.

Typically a receptionist will take a phone message and manually record all the contact details for an incoming call on paper. With this invention the receptionist or admin assistant can record the message on an input pad on the telephone. Other information from the call is automatically captured - caller ID, telephone number, time, date etc. The message can be printed or distributed by the network for an efficient distribution of the message.

The functionality for this patent is broad:
- Ability to interface with Local Area Networks or standalone Personal Computers
- Ability to intercept and store voice mail, graphics, and text e-mails/documents.
- Ability interface with telephone system and wireless telephone systems.
- Ability interface with Personal Digital Assistants, through USB Port
- Ability to print data quickly and fax data packets
- Ability to track and print up caller id info.
- Possibility of having Uniform Operating System/Browser
- Global Positioning System – (potentially interface with Handspring/Palmtop inside Vehicles through a cradle)
- Wireless( WAP)
- Built-in Biometric Fingerprint Reader
- A secure Personal Digital Assistant/Printer that has capability to interface with Global Positioning System, Local - - Area Networks, Mobile Area Networks, Wide Area Networks and has modular memory modules with ability to run

Software Programs.
Potential Operating System to Interface with Smartphone or HP Jornada 567

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Certain medical and emergent conditions need instant hard copy , one cannot stand staring at a screen fixing a blown gas main, he can pocket the diagram and use the phone for other information. It can print signature verification, like the UPS device but has voice recognition and hard copy and a phone.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

A paper printing phone with a writing palm surface that is wireless.

The seller would like to be granted a license back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have paper? Niche markets include military, medicine, grocery, music industry for printing music compositions.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 379: Telephonic Communications

(1) Systems, processes and instruments for the two-way electrical transmission of intelligible audio information having arbitrary content over a link including an electrical conductor, between spaced apart locations, so as to enable conversation therebetween, and intended for the private use of a listener or a group of listeners. The term "intelligible" used above is intended to include the capability for transmission of speech or the like (e.g., music), rather than restriction to a specified audible signal, such as a bell or buzzer. (2) Switching, signalling or signal transmission peculiar to, or specified as for a telephone or a telephone system, except for multiplex communications as indicated in Lines With Other Classes.

Subclass 93.19: Having pressure or position sensitive surface (e.g., touch-screen, light pen)
Subclass 93.23: Having user information display (e.g., telephone number, name, address, etc.)
Subclass 100.01: To produce visual-graphic copy (e.g., facsimile)