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Diode Memory - Address Logic    

Address logic for solid state memory


This portfolio relates to information storage devices. In particular they relate to address logic for solid state memory.

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Relates to one-time programmable (OTP) solid state memory wherein a level of the memory is programmed by causing current to flow through an element of the level; and irradiating the element so that the element changes resistance states.

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This lot is forward referenced by the following companies: Analog Devices and Broadcom.

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 365: Static Information Storage And Retrieval

Apparatus or corresponding processes for the static storage and retrieval of information. For classification herein, the storage system must be (1) static, (2) a singular storage element or plural elements of the same type, (3) addressable.

Subclass 96: Fusible
Subclass 105: Diodes
Subclass 114: Semiconductive
Subclass 115: Diodes
Subclass 175: Diodes
Subclass 200: Bad bit
Subclass 230.03: Plural blocks or banks
Subclass 230.06: Particular decoder or driver circuit
Subclass 239: Sequential