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Ebeam Memory    

Alignment of electron beam emitters and using nanotubes as electron


This portfolio relates to ebeam memory. In particular, they relate to the alignment of electron beam emitters and using nanotubes as electron sources.

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Generally relates to accelerometers using electron beams to detect physical impacts in storage devices.

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This lot is forward referenced by the following companies: Seagate and Samsung.

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 369: Dynamic Information Storage Or Retrieval

Apparatus for the storage or retrieval of arbitrarily variable information which is retained in a storage medium by variation of a physical characteristic. The information is stored or retrieved by causing or sensing a variation of a physical characteristic of the storage medium by a transducer having relative motion along a continuous path.

Subclass 101: Invisible radiation (e.g., electron beam or X-ray)
Subclass 121: With particular light source (e.g., laser, CRT with phosphor)
Subclass 126: Electrical modification or sensing of storage medium (e.g., capacitive, resistive, electrostatic charge)

Class 365: Static Information Storage And Retrieval

Apparatus or corresponding processes for the static storage and retrieval of information. For classification herein, the storage system must be (1) static, (2) a singular storage element or plural elements of the same type, (3) addressable.

Subclass 118: Electron beam
Subclass 128: Electron beams
Subclass 217: Electron beam

Class G9B/9.001:

Class G9B/9.003:

Class G9B/9.025:

Class 73: Measuring And Testing

Processes and apparatus for making a measurement of any kind or for making a test of any kind, and takes all such subject matter not provided for in other classes. The term "test" includes inspection, processes and apparatus for determining qualities by inspection being included where not provided for in other classes. This class is the generic class for sampling and takes all sampling apparatus and processes not otherwise provided.

Subclass 1.39: Involving pendulum or impact

Class 977: Nanotechnology

This art collection provides for disclosures related to: nanostructure and chemical compositions of nanostructure; device that include at least one nanostructure; mathematical algorithms, e.g., computer software, etc., specifically adapted for modeling configurations or properties of nanostructure; methods or apparatus for making, detecting, analyzing, or treating nanostructure; and specified particular uses of nanostructure. the term "nanostructure" is defined to mean an atomic, molecular, or macromolecular structure that: has at least one physical dimension of approximately 1-100 nanometers; and possesses a special property, provides a special function, or produces a special effect that is uniquely attributable to the structure s nanoscale physical size.

Subclass 849: With scanning probe
Subclass 861: Scanning tunneling probe
Subclass 881: Microscopy or spectroscopy (e.g., SEM, TEM, etc.)
Subclass 943: Information storage or retrieval using nanostructure

Class G9B/20.009:

Class G9B/9.002: