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Plant Watering and Feeding Aid for Newly Planted Plants    

Plant watering and fertilizing aid. Site specific feeding of newly planted plants up 2 months.


Made from plastic, this device is cheap to manufacture, simple to operate and very affective. The main body of the device is the fluid capture area, which captures the excess water from the sprinkler or rain water, a water soluble fertilizer tablet is placed in back of fluid capture area and will add nutrients to the water which will then be absorbed into the soil and into the plant. The product is expandable in so far as the plastic component can be different sizes, to add to that a whole product line of fertilizer tablets. Red fertilizer tablets for tomatoes, green for herbs, orange for citrus etc.

Primary Application of the Technology

Garden centers, landscapers, nurseries and hardware stores.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

No fuss fertilization. Can be moved from one location to another with very little effort. Feeds for weeks without any attention.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Easy to work with and cost affective. The device can be used season after season, the only expense will be the color coded fertilizer tablets. The tablets will generate income for as long as the device is in use.

Competitive Advantage

Cheap, no fuss site specific plant feeding. Plug in and forget it the plant gets food for weeks. Nothing like it on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the fertilizer burn my plants? Seedlings may be at risk depending on the amount of water put through the
device, recommended to be used on more mature plants.

How long will the fertilizer tablet last? Once again depending on how much water is put through the device, but it should feed for 4 to 6 weeks.

Additional Information

Manufactured mold samples are available. Inventor has a 40 ton press and tooling to press the fertilizer tablet. The concept and the product has been proven.

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Class 47: Plant Husbandry

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