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A web system for microelectronics laboratories    

A MES designed and implemented, based on web technology, that allows sharing and storing technological information related to wafer processing in a cleanroom.


A MES designed and implemented technology. It is based on web technology and allows sharing and storing technological information related to wafer processing in a clean room. Among the implemented functions:

a. Design of new process flows, with the possibility to re-use past processes, or part of them.
b. Information delivered to clean room staff: lot processing instructions derived from process flows.
c. Wafer tracking: real time information of lot processing.
d. Processing logs: structured information about process step results, storing about irregularities or problems.
Information is managed with a relational DBMS. Software is based on JAVA. User interface are browser pages. No client modules are used. The system is highly customizable, since the technology and the equipment available in the clean room are managed in the form of tables or metadata in tables. So no software changes are required to customize the whole system for new laboratories.

Semiconductor related technologies require high level technical and scientific competences and knowledge requiring many years to be learned. Staff turnover in this context could have a hard and negative impact on the laboratory if the knowledge of leaving people has not been appropriately stored or shared. Considering the demanding request of time to marked reduction when developing new technologies, new processes, new devices, loosing knowledge and competence is not acceptable. Another scenario where sharing and reusing technology is not automatic but should be addressed is in laboratories shared by different (research) groups.

The technology has been designed in order to favor knowledge reuse. Processes can be labeled as private or public, thus allowing to decide what to share and what to keep reserved. Thanks to the experience matured toward MES for cleanrooms and R&D management in semiconductor and MST field, it has been possible to propose an innovative idea about recipe management.

Primary Application of the Technology

Small and medium cleanrooms for microelectronics manufacturing and R&D.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

The key concept in the patent is the possibility of reusing past experience while designing new processes, new technologies, thus avoiding the repetition of errors or selecting recipes with low reliability. Indices of merits say for example about the history of the recipe, if it is in use for a long time or not, failure/success rate, number of occurrences in processed lots. The concept is general, is not dependent to the recipe class, type. The same rating algorithm can be applied to all step types, e.g., diffusion, etching, depositions.

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