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The portfolio of patents includes technology for:

- Call center customizable information for customers in queue.
- Device for automatic call distributors
- Process for providing customer with revised wait times
- Process for speech recognition-enabled automatic call routing
- Technique for designing automated speech recognition interface

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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 379: Telephonic Communications

(1) Systems, processes and instruments for the two-way electrical transmission of intelligible audio information having arbitrary content over a link including an electrical conductor, between spaced apart locations, so as to enable conversation therebetween, and intended for the private use of a listener or a group of listeners. The term "intelligible" used above is intended to include the capability for transmission of speech or the like (e.g., music), rather than restriction to a specified audible signal, such as a bell or buzzer. (2) Switching, signalling or signal transmission peculiar to, or specified as for a telephone or a telephone system, except for multiplex communications as indicated in Lines With Other Classes.

Subclass 88.01: Voice activation or recognition
Subclass 88.03: Voice dialing
Subclass 88.14: Presentation format conversion
Subclass 88.2: Automatic Number Identification (ANI)
Subclass 88.22: Message management
Subclass 93.09: Switching between different terminal types (e.g., voice/data switch)
Subclass 93.21: Having conferencing
Subclass 158: Conferencing
Subclass 202.01: Conferencing
Subclass 265.02: Automatic call distributor (ACD) system
Subclass 266.01: Call or agent queuing
Subclass 266.06: Estimating or reporting waiting time

Class 704: Data Processing:Speech Signal Processing, Linguistics, Language Translation, And Audio Compression/Decompression

This is the generic class for apparatus and corresponding methods for constructing, analyzing, and modifying units of human language by data processing, in which there is a significant change in the data.This class also provides for systems or methods that process speech signals for storage, transmission, recognition, or synthesis of speech; and for systems or methods for bandwidth compression or expansion of an audio signal, or for time compression or expansion of an audio signal. There are three main divisions: linguistics; speech signal processing; and audio compression.

Subclass 270: Application
Subclass 275: Speech controlled system
Subclass E15.026: Parsing for meaning understanding (EPO)

European Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:


TELEPHONIC COMMUNICATION . Automatic or semi-automatic exchanges; .