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High Performance Screw & Screw Bit    

The technology uses 28-44% less force compared to the Phillips head, and the tool bit does not slip out during high resistance to penetration.


Conventional screws sometimes fail during high resistance to penetration, when the drive bit slips out and starts deforming the screw head, causing screw failure and it has to be replaced. This leads to frustration, loss of time and energy.

Our innovative screw and screw bit technology resolves these problems and more.

Performance tests carried out by a leading University clearly indicates the following:

1). The screws require much LESS force (28% less for hardwood to 44% medium soft wood) compared to the traditional cross screw during usage. This translates to saving strength and energy when using the screw.

2). The screws require LESS torque compared to the traditional screw during usage. This means our screw bit has inherent more power to drive the screw in - it is more efficient to use.

3). Our screw drive bit has a strong grip on the screw head preventing it from slipping out during high resistance to penetration compared to the traditional drive bit that constantly jumps out.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Conventional screws sometimes failed during high resistance to penetration when the drive bit slips out and starts deforming the screw head causing screw failure and has to be replaced. This leads to much frustration, loss of time and energy.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The 3 turning arms of the screw bit of the technology are maximized to the edge of the screw head, thereby exerting greater torque to drive the screw for high performance.

The outer portion of the arms of the screw bit are thicker than the center inner portion,separated by sharp interlocking corners to provide robust driving arms to turn the screw and to provide better grip.

The smaller recess at the center of the screw head means more metal connectivity between the screw head and shaft, at the neck of the shaft, making it a more robust and stronger screw, preventing any head twist off.

Primary Application of the Technology

Primarily used for 'self-tapping' & 'self-drilling' screws, for all types of screw heads and bolts.

1. Construction Industry
2. Furniture Industry
3. Manufacturing Industries
4. Engineering Industries
5. Aerospace Industry
6. Hardware Shops
7. Supermarkets & Malls
8. Hypermarkets
9. DIY Stores

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantages are as follows:-

• A screw that is easy to use by general consumers.

• A screw that is not prone to failure during fixing.

• A screw that enables savings in terms of time and energy.

• A screw that will reduce cost in terms of extended tooling life.

• A quality screw that has high performance capability i.e. high torque provision, better grip and better penetration capability.

• All these for the same costs as other screws having the same volumetric configuration, since manufacturing costs are the same.

Notes on Development Status

Punch tools for punching the recess are developed for the flat head screws only and confirmed to be easily manufactured in Taiwan.

Notes on Sales Status

The product has not yet been commercialized.

Additional Information

Patents are pending in: U.S., China, Europe, Malaysia, Taiwan.

The seller can make available to an interested party:

1. Test report from a leading university.

2. Video testing CD.

3. Prototypes of screws and drive bits.