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Silence-based Real Time Voice /Video Transmission    

A methods and systems of silence-based adaptive real-time voice and video communication over the Internet.


It provides a method of real-time voice and video transmission using silent periods and talk-spurt characteristics of conversational speech. If silence in the sending or receiving voice stream has been detected, it aggressively transmits the corresponding key frames of the video stream adaptively.

The proposed adaptive transmission of real-time voice and video streams that takes into account the on-off patterns in conversational speech provides good quality of voice stream when a real-time video stream is introduced.

Primary Application of the Technology

The invented methods and systems could be used for Video and Voice over IP applications over the Internet.

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Class 704: Data Processing:Speech Signal Processing, Linguistics, Language Translation, And Audio Compression/Decompression

This is the generic class for apparatus and corresponding methods for constructing, analyzing, and modifying units of human language by data processing, in which there is a significant change in the data.This class also provides for systems or methods that process speech signals for storage, transmission, recognition, or synthesis of speech; and for systems or methods for bandwidth compression or expansion of an audio signal, or for time compression or expansion of an audio signal. There are three main divisions: linguistics; speech signal processing; and audio compression.