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Retractable Load Support System    

The System is designed to support a load during transport on a flat bed trailer. It is engineered to allow merchandise to be transferred onto or off of the trailer without the need of pallets or 4 x 4


A series of beams, flip up, or other support devices are designed to raise up from the flat bed trailer. The flat bed trailer can be constructed with as many supports needed. Each support can be raised or lowered independently from the others. This allows multiple configurations on one trailer, easily adapting to any load. Upon demand, the driver can raise or lower the supports pneumatically, hydraulic, electronic, or manually.

Normally when a load is supplied with pallets, the driver can simply drive into the loading area and quickly get loaded. If a load of lumber, pipe, or other non-palletable goods are to be shipped, the driver must climb onto the flat bed trailer and install 4 x 4 pieces of lumber to support the load. The Retractable Load Support System eliminates this process. This allows goods to be loaded and unloaded more efficiently and safer.

Primary Application of the Technology

Freight Hauling Company, Platform Trailer Manufacturing Company

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Save your customers money by eliminating pallets and 4 x 4 spacers.
Easily adapt to any load.
Cargo protection.
Load Security

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Reduce injuries to drivers by eliminating the need to climb onto the trailer.
Fully automated or manual lift and lowering.

Competitive Advantage

Benefit by having the best technological engineering in the industry.
Save time loading and unloading flat bed trailers.
Provide an opportunity to refit your customers older trailers.
Produce a flat bed trailer that all hauling companies and drivers will desire.
Help Commercial Carriers hire and retain drivers using the design as an incentive.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 410: Freight Accommodation On Freight Carrier

This is the generic class for the accommodation of discrete units of freight which have been loaded on board a freight carrier for transportation, the freight accommodation being to assure the integrity of the load unit against the hazards of dynamic forces incident to transit.

Subclass 94: Load bearer abutment