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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 362: Illumination

Means and processes for casting visible radiant energy in at least one direction to render objects in that direction visible.

Subclass 268: Plural serial lens elements or components
Subclass 297: With or including plural, distinct reflecting surfaces
Subclass 334: Curved main surface
Subclass 336: Including diverse refracting elements on one surface
Subclass 338: Plural elements on a curved surface
Subclass 339: Prismatic type
Subclass 346: Plural separate reflectors or separate sections
Subclass 347: Curved surface
Subclass 507: Headlight
Subclass 511: Optical waveguide (e.g., fiber optic, edge-lit)
Subclass 514: Reflector
Subclass 521: Plural separate refractors
Subclass 545: Including light emitting diode
Subclass 555: Light Emitting Diode (LED)

Class 359: Optical: Systems And Elements

Optical elements included in this class are: Lenses; Polarizers; Diffraction gratings; Prisms; Reflectors; Filters; Projection screens; Optical Modulators; Optical Demodulators. Among the optical systems included in this class are: Compound lens systems; Light reflecting signalling systems (e.g., retroreflectors); stereoscopic systems; Binocular devices; Systems of lenticular elements; Systems involving light interference; Glare reducing systems; Light dividing and combining systems; Light control systems (e.g., light valves); building illumination with natural light; Systems for protecting or shielding elements; Optical systems whose operation depends upon polarizing, diffracting, dispersing, reflecting, or refracting light; kaleidoscopes. Further included are certain apertures, closures, and viewing devices of a specialized nature which involve no intentional reflection, refraction, or filtering of light rays. This class also includes optical elements combined with another type of structure(s) to constitute an optical element combined with a nonoptical structure or a perfection or improvement in the optical element.

Subclass 634: Wavelength selective (e.g., dichroic mirror, etc.)
Subclass 640: Including prismatic element
Subclass 642: LENS
Subclass 708: Including a nonspherical surface
Subclass 709: Conical
Subclass 720: Asymmetric (e.g., prismatic or eccentric, etc.)
Subclass 727: Including concave or convex reflecting surface
Subclass 743: Having curvilinear lens
Subclass 800: Illumination through lens

Class 422: Chemical Apparatus And Process Disinfecting, Deodorizing, Preserving, Or Sterilizing

This is a generic class for (1) processes of disinfecting, deodorizing, preserving or sterilizing and (2) apparatus for (a) carrying out chemical reactions, (b) preparing or treating chemical compounds or compositions even though only a physical reaction is discernible, (c) performing an analysis which involves either a chemical reaction or a physical reaction not elsewhere provided, for and (d) carrying out the above processes not elsewhere provided for.

Subclass 186.3: With ultraviolet radiation generating means

Class 126: Stoves And Furnaces

Apparatus for the application of heat. It comprises cooking and heating stoves, hot-air furnaces, and accessories; hot-air radiators and heating drums; open liquid heaters, steaming apparatus, dampers, fireplaces, and stovepipes. It includes the fuel burner when combined with the stove or furnace structure; combinations of a particular stove or furnace structure with a closed liquid heater or steam generator; liquid heaters of only the nonpressure type unless they are structurally tied to the stove or furnace or form a necessary part thereof, and grates of general use in stoves, hot-air furnaces, or boiler furnaces.

Subclass 698: With concentrating lens