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Hybrid Convertible Aircraft - UAV and manned    

Vertical take-off and landing aircraft that uses a particular double-cardan transmission system and a particular clutch to transition between modes in a rapid, safe manner.


This hybrid aircraft that can take off as an helicopter and can have a horizontal flight speed of near 400 mph. It is a "High Speed Helicopter". Can be used as a aerial vehicle for human transportation, and as a UAV System, both in military and civil. All operation is commanded and controlled by a fly-by-wire and a predictive system.

Primary Application of the Technology

Civil Transportation, Emergency Means of Transportation, UAV Systems

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Currently, no hybrid aircraft has entered the market, the reason being that no effective transition method has been encountered.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The rotor can be stopped in an effective manner during flight to transition to airplane mode, so this aircraft achieves high flight speeds in airplane mode.

It can take off and operate at any altitude level at maximum load.

Competitive Advantage

Currently, it's the safest system, it can operate in all modes (fixed or rotating wings). Low consumption and maintenance, due to a very simple design. In a particular design it can accommodate 5 passengers, with maximum range of 1,500 M. Very easy to handle.

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Class 244: Aeronautics And Astronautics

Machines or structures adapted to be: completely or partially sustained by the air (e.g., winged aircraft, helicopters, parachutes, kites, balloons, etc.); propelled and guided or stabilized through the air (e.g., projectiles with fins, guided missiles, etc.); placed in an orbit or which substantially operate outside the earth"s atmosphere (e.g., satellites, space vehicles, etc.); or subcombinations of these machines or structures.

Subclass 7R: Convertible
Subclass 8: Airplane and auto-rotating wing sustained

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AEROPLANES; HELICOPTERS . Rotorcraft; Rotors peculiar thereto .