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Reclaiming Wafer Substrates that have Defects and Contaminants    

System and methodology for improving incoming and outgoing wafer inspection productivity in a wafer reclaim environment


System and methodology that is used to improve the incoming and outgoing wafer inspection productivity using monitor wafer reclaim process.

Primary Application of the Technology


The Problem Solved by the Technology

Reduce cost of monitor wafers by reclaiming and re-suing them for tools and system qualification

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Class 438: Semiconductor Device Manufacturing: Process

This class provides for manufacturing a semiconductor containing a solid-state device for the following purposes: (a) conducting or modifying an electrical current, (b) storing electrical energy for subsequent discharge within a microelectronic integrated circuit, or (c) converting electromagnetic wave energy to electrical energy or electrical energy to electromagnetic energy. Also operations involving: (1) coating a substrate with a semiconductive material, or (2) coating a semiconductive substrate or substrate containing a semiconductive region. It also provides for operations involving etching a semiconductive substrate or etching a substrate containing a semiconductive region. The class provides for packaging or treatment of packaged semiconductor.

Subclass 16: Optical characteristic sensed