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Sealing earplug    

This sealing earplug is inflatable and provides maximum reliability and efficiency


None of the earplugs on the market are fully effective when at the swimming pool or even when taking a shower. This special item is supported by patents and has been created by a team of ENT (ear, nose and throat) physicians to be anatomically customized to the patient's ear. It contains an inflatable elastomeric globe that adapts to every auditive channel. It helps to avoid otitis in a reliable manner.

Primary Application of the Technology

An ear plug in the ENT medical field and in the water sports and sports medicine industry.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

At present, existing rubber and wax ear plugs are not totally effective in preventing the otitis caused by water entering inside the middle ear and the timpanic membrane. The present ear plug prevents it as it adapts completely to the shape of the auditory canal.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The present ear plug prevents otitist as it adapts completely to the shape of the auditory canal.

Competitive Advantage

Thought and designed by experimented and concerned otorhinolaryngologists, it is easy to manufacture and to use, it can provide safe protection again otitis caused by pool and beach water.

Oportunity: easy to manufacture, using the present hearing aid taylored forming techniques. A good opportunity for hearing aid manufacturers.

The seller would like to be granted a license back.

The seller may consider selling these patents individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cause any pain? No. It is designed by a qulified otorhinolaryngologists
Is there a prototype? Yes, and its being currently tested by 5 pediatrical otorhinolaryngologist under real conditions.
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