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Venetian Blind Cutting Tool    

Compact and efficient multi-purpose blind cutting equipment.


A blind cutting tool with a small footprint, cuts blinds using either a circular cutting blade or a cut off tool. The device automatically clamps and locks the slats in place. An effective and efficient multi-purpose tool for cutting blinds.

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 83: Cutting

Methods and machines for penetrating material, without substantial reshaping flow of such material, by means of (1) a solid tool, or fluid current, either of which applies mechanical deforming force to the material by direct physical contact therewith, the fluid current forcing the material against a solid tool whose edge defines the line of cut; (2) a heated solid tool which directly engages the material (to effect penetration thereof by melting, or by transmission of mechanical energy, or both); or (3) opposed, controlled fluid currents.

Subclass 68: Manually operated
Subclass 197: Combined with another type tool of the class
Subclass 200: With plural apertures in one or both carriers
Subclass 454: With or to tool guide
Subclass 637: With spaced guide pins (e.g., die set leader pins)
Subclass 824: With anti-friction means
Subclass 859: MACHINE FRAME

Class 29: Metal Working

Metal working or shaping - it comprises processes, tools, machines, and apparatus not classifiable in the specific classes relating to the manufacture of articles from metal. It has been made the generic class for the following regardless of the composition of the blank, stock material, or article recited or worked upon: (a) process of electric condenser making; (b) a burnishing process; (c) a process of manufacture; (d) apparatus used to assemble or disassemble.