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Device For Ultra High Frequency Radio Frequency Identification    

The technology relates to the read range controlling device for ultra high frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification (RFID).


The invention applies UHF RFID technology to identify multiple items, each bearing a RFID tag, at a controlled read range, so that non-targeted items outside the defined read range will not be incorrectly read. This invention is to be connected to an IMS system for processing the identified data.

The invented device allows the UHF RFID can be gained for item-level identification, which used to perform well only within the relative short read range of high frequency (HF) RFID. UHF RFID has many advantages: fast speed, low costs of tags, powerful and efficient multiple item detection ability.

Primary Application of the Technology

UHF RFID could be used in logistic and supply chain industry, the invented system further extends the applications to item-level identification such as Library System, Supermarket, etc.