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Digital Video Encoding    

A method of bit rate estimation in data or video compression.


The technology relates to a method of bit rate estimation for rate distortion (RD) optimization. It relates also to variable length coding (VLC) and particular to context-based variable length coding (CAVLC) and to advance video coding (AVC), also known as MPEG4-part 10 and H.264.

The algorithm is simple, entropy coding is not necessary during mode decision. It reduces large computation for motion content /complex texture sequences. The total encoding time is small , very effective for real time implementation. It reduces the cost and power consumption for DV encoding devices.

Primary Application of the Technology

Digital video (DV) encoding devices such as digital video recorder, digital camera, digital video cam, high-definition video system, etc. The market is huge in both portable devices and home entertainment products.

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Class 375: Pulse Or Digital Communications

This is the generic class for pulse or digital communication systems using electrical or electromagnetic signals. Such communication includes transmitting an intelligence bearing signal from one point to another in the form of discrete variations in some parameter of the electrical or electromagnetic signal.

Subclass 240.02: Adaptive
Subclass E7.126: Adaptive or control aspects therefor (EPO)